Appelusa: ‘LIGHT UP AND GO’ (Live Music and Roller Dance)


Appelusa’s types of synaesthesia: grapheme-color, spatial sequence, and personality color.

Performance title: ‘LIGHT UP AND GO’
Choreographed roller skating showcasing Appelusa’s personality color synaesthesia featuring roller skaters Jackie Cross and Ryan Allen Carillo to Portrait XO’s latest release ‘LIGHT UP AND GO’. 


Appelusa is most recently known for the mesmerizing roller skating choreography in Chet Faker’s VMA nominated “GOLD” music video. Her roller skating roots go back three generations in the industry. She has most recently skated with Katy Perry in Cannes and in the upcoming HBO show, SHARP OBJECTS. She is also an accomplished actor, writer, voice-over artist, photographer, mixed media and performance artist.

As a synaesthete, Appelusa has initiated a community of like-minded people by creating Synesthete Artists and Synesthetes in Los Angeles social groups, discovering and growing a community of over 350 members from around the world. As a visual artist, Appelusa strives to depict how synaesthesia affects her perception of daily life by combining technology, roller dance, photography, and music. She is a founding member of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS), and serves as the organization’s Dance Curator.  She’s also the Artistic Director / Producer of #SDE2017.  @appelusa @synaesthesia_dance_experience


Get your ticket for #SDE2017.




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