Seraphina Wilder: CHROMOSCOPE (Burlesque)


Type of synaesthesia: chromosthesia – sound to color.

Performance title: CHROMOSCOPE
Seraphina will be dancing to her favorite sounds.
Her favorite color is violet and hues of purple because they sound moody.

From the city of angels, she is the “existential party girl of burlesque,” and “with legs so long it’s gotta be a sin.” Seraphina Wilder has performed nationwide and is known for her one of a kind dancing, choreography and artistry. Getting her start in a nightclub talent show, the leggy performance artist has gone on to be featured in several burlesque festivals including 2017’s New York Nerdlesque Festival. Her love of burlesque has also spurred her to produce her own show in 2017, the limited run “High Fidelity: A Live Burlesque Mixtape” which debuted to a packed audience. When she isn’t burlesquing, she can be found illustrating and self-publishing her zine “Wilder Babes” a mix of feminine illustrations and literary quotes. @seraphinawilder

Get your tix to #SDE2017 here.


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