Portrait XO: GUZZLE (Live Music, Visuals, and Drinks)


Types of synaesthesia: sound to taste (and vice versa)


Performance title: GUZZLE
Portrait XO will be giving the audience a set of drinks with music and visuals that translate the flavors and textures.  Immersive 3D visuals will be created by Mike Strauss.


Portrait XO is a diverse and soulful experimental singer/songwriter/producer sponsored music brands AUUG and ROLI.  Earlier this year, she scored her first feature-length film, The Murderers, and won an Award of Merit for her music video “Tremble.” She is also part of a new LA collective and monthly electronic music night called SAMPLEnHOLD.

As an artist with synaesthesia between taste and sound, she’s performed at Eurobest Festival in Antwerp, Belgium translating flavors into music through a live improvised performance collaborating with BBC Click Presenter/Composer, LJ Rich another musical synaesthete sharing a similar kind of synaesthesia.  As an artist with a strong sense of artistic vision, she is the Brand Director/Content Creator/Co-Producer for #SDE2017.  Prints of her featured artwork will be sold at the event.  She’ll be performing 3 different styles of live sets blending some improv, beat making, looping, and singing. @portraitxo


Get your tix to #SDE2017 here.


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