Lucas Masoch: WHAT SYNAESTHESIA LOOKS LIKE feat. Portrait XO ‘TRIGGER’ (Live music + Visuals)

Lucas Masoch pic.jpg

Types of synaesthesia: sounds to colors, shapes, and textures.

Portrait XO will be performing her song ‘Trigger’ with visuals created by Lucas interpreting how he sees colors, shapes, and textures from this song.

Having struggled with an upbringing in a conservative cult in Connecticut, Lucas Masoch is a 20-year-old synesthete and multimedia artist who had to leave his family and their ideology behind in order to pursue a career in art. He creates mesmerizing videos that show the colors and textures he sees in music, and he also makes full orchestral soundtracks for his novels and comics. He is currently living on his own in Pittsburgh, hoping to go to college next year to pursue a career in neuroscience and virtual reality. @lucasmasoch

Get your tix to #SDE2017 here.


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