Juliette Irons: LET THE LIGHT MOVE YOU (Contemporary Dance)

Juliette Pic 2.jpg

Types of synaesthesia: Grapheme – color, Smell – color, Pain – color, Time- spatial, Days of week / months – color, Sound – color/ texture/ movement/ spatial, Mirror-touch, Internal Sensation / vibration – sound, Light – sound

Performance title: LET THE LIGHT MOVE YOU
Juliette will be performing a unique dance interpretation with her own original music showcasing her many different forms of synaesthesia with additional dancers. 

Featuring Stephanie Dai, Kelly Browning, Lydia Purves-Ware, Sarah Polednak

Originally from Toronto, and now based in Los Angeles, Juliette Irons is quickly becoming well known for her abstract movement as a contemporary choreographer all over North America. After spending one summer training with Netherlands Dance Theater in Holland, Juliette creatively directed and choreographed a full-length show entitled “DISORDER”, based on Synesthesia in March of 2013. Juliette recently traveled on a 3-city teaching tour of Australia, including the Brent Street Studios Arts College Program in Sydney, as well as London, England for Summer Dance adventures 2016. Juliette was chosen to speak and present her work, as well as her personal story and experience as a Synesthete, at the UK Synesthesia Association Conference in London in 2014. Most recently she choreographed Purity Ring’s latest music video and live show, and is also a 3 time finalist as a choreographer for the Capezio A.C.E. Awards. Juliette has also studied music since the age of 4, and is currently pursuing a career in songwriting and musical performance. She also creates digital imagery based on the visuals she experiences with auditory synesthesia, which she uses as inspiration for her choreography. @julietteirons


Get your ticket to #SDE2017 here.


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